June 25th, 2013
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Twenty three years ago today, my magical son was born!

From the bottom of my heart I couldn’t love you more!!  You are a joy and a wonder and watching you grow into a young man is and always will be exciting.
I know this past year has been a challenge for you but you have never been one to run away from difficult situations and I know that this coming year holds some good, solid, life-changing news for you!!  I don’t know what the good news will be, but I sense it will be delivered to you this year just as sure as I know that you are a special guy!I am so proud of you and how far you have traveled on your life’s journey.  Continue to be true to yourself and follow your passions and you will never stray from making your heart happy!
Happy birthday and best wishes always to you my beloved son for many, many more!!To close out this loving birthday post, here’s a special rockin’ greeting to you from The Beatles:



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