May 3rd, 2013
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You can file today’s post under the category of silly — but true!

It’s a slice of life that may be about to arrive in a community near you.

Seeing. Eye. People.

That’s right.  Seeing Eye People.

A Seeing Eye Person In Action

As in: hold on to me (a person, not a dog) and I will guide you and be your eyes while you continue to walk and text.

The idea of offering Seeing Eye People as a service is performed by Improv Everywhere & BuzzFeed as a bit of street comedy but it not that far fetched.

Every day in DC, there is either someone texting and walking right into me or others or there is someone on a crowded sidewalk walking slowly and texting at the same time, gridlocking the pedestrian traffic.  Incidents of people texting and walking out into traffic and getting hit by cars, tripping and bumping in buildings and people has also skyrocketed across the U.S.

My son just told me about this concept and I had to Google it right away to see what this whole thing was all about.  Watch it for yourself and see.  Please notice that the people who are walking and texting continue to text and walk  as though this is perfectly normal.  It’s the reaction of other people watching that’s so funny!
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