Earth Wind & Fire Remembered

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Maurice White Courtesy of Getty Images   The music that some bands create can be so distinctive that you know their songs right away.  Almost instantly.  As in when you hear the first few bars of a song, you know it’s theirs and theirs alone. Falling into this unique category would be the fabulous and funky music… Read more »

Silly Family Laughter

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My 88-year-old Dad misplaced his checkbook last week and over the weekend a full-on, pull-out-all-the-plugs search effort was executed by our mom, me, my five siblings and even a few grandchildren. We asked our Dad a million questions about the last time he used the checkbook and the last time he remembered seeing it.  We… Read more »

Blizzard Bad Behavior

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    In the interest of sharing the dark and the light of daily happenings, today’s post is about the things that life delivers to you and you just stand there and say “Why???????  Why the F is this happening to me????????” This past Saturday I was looking forward to my weekly yoga class since… Read more »

The Stillness of Snow

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  Photo Courtesy of ABC News   In case you haven’t heard, the Washington, DC area received at least two feet of snow over the weekend. It started as small flakes on Friday afternoon and never stopped snowing until late Saturday night. As some of the local weather forecasters said, the nation’s capital was in the… Read more »