November 4th, 2013
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It is never too late to make changes in your life.
You can be 22, 42, 62 or even 92 and suddenly decide it’s time for a change.  But you have to want it.  You can’t do it just because others want you to.  You need to make changes and take care of yourself for yourself.
I was thinking about this because a wonderful friend of mine was discharged from the hospital this past Saturday after having her gall bladder removed on Friday.  It all happened very quickly and it was scary for a short time because we weren’t sure that it was going to be a straightforward surgery.
In the end, that bad boy of a gall bladder was removed and hopefully her health issues are gone forever more.


We are all quite thankful that she is at home and resting but she also has to make some changes in her diet.  Which is where the changes I was talking about in the beginning come into the picture.
When good health is the issue, sometimes we have to stop eating some things and start eating other things that are better for our bodies.  I know how hard this can be because I was very sick and hospitalized about 11 years ago.  I was told by my doctors to stop drinking alcohol and eat a low fat diet that was practically a non-fat diet.  And I did it.  I didn’t like it but it slowly became a way of life.  It took a lot of mind changes on my part and rethinking about the food that I ate.
I was constantly reading food labels and I think for the first couple of months I existed on homemade soup, baked salmon, non-fat yogurt, fat free chocolate pudding and salads with no-fat dressing.  That meant no desserts, no chips, no fries, no cheeseburgers and especially no pizza.
I got myself back into a state of good health and felt a lot better and stronger after changing things up.  It is no exaggeration to say that if you have good health, you have almost everything.  Good health is not to be taken for granted.The state of your health is your launching pad from which the rest of your life flows.  If you don’t have any energy, how can you work to make your dreams come true?  If you are sick, then you are spending money on hospitals and doctors instead of on your own business or your home or your family.
Please don’t get discouraged if you know you need to make changes and you have tried many times and it didn’t seem to work for you.  Please try again.  If you aren’t in great shape right now, you can change it.  It is possible!!
Take a walk.  Turn on some music.  You can get up and move and groove.  Think about what you’re eating.  You can make better food choices and build up your immune system.  Change is always possible.
It’s never too late to make changes to improve our health and live more vibrant lives.
Let’s start today!!
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