August 27th, 2013
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You can file the following under silly, sad, ridiculous or just plain ole unnecessary and inefficient.
I came home from work yesterday and, as I usually do, picked up the mail from the door slot and started going through it.  Monday’s mail is usually thin and this time it was no exception.  A few real estate solicitation cards, a catalog and even a letter from a friend.
But there was also a curious piece of mail addressed to my husband.  My husband who died nine years ago.  My husband whose name I would think at this point would show up on business records as deceased.
So I opened it up to see what this letter was all about.  A refinancing company, who I must say is really out of it, was writing to inform my husband that he was pre-approved for refinancing our house and the company even assigned him a case ID number.  Hilarious right?
I thought the best part of the letter was when the company said that my husband was one of the lucky ones to receive this pre-approval status for refinancing because the company had done a careful review of his financial records and it showed that his credit was in great shape.
I guess so since he has no debt since he hasn’t spent any money in the last nine years . . . at least none that I know about!
Thanks CashCall, Inc. and thanks to your Mortgage Division for giving me a giggle today!
You just never know what the mail will bring you, do you?
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