July 27th, 2013
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Everyone can dance.  And they should!

For dancing gets you moving and helps you get rid of the stress and tension you are storing all over your body.  Dancing also helps you heal your soul.
While listening to music, my mind momentarily stops thinking about hurt and pain and frustration as I allow my body to take over and lose itself in the rhythms and sounds of whatever is playing.
Dancing is definitely therapeutic!!  And today, in Washington, DC, you can go to The Kennedy Center and dance pretty much all day to your heart’s desires.  Or you can do what I intend to do which is dance wherever you are and go with it.
It’s National Dance Day, an official and recognized event started in 2010 by Nigel Lythgoe, the co-creator and judge of the television show “So You Think You Can Dance.”  His purpose in founding this day was simply to get people dancing and inspire others to get on their feet and move and discover the wonders of dancing as a healthy lifestyle.
Lythgoe will be in Los Angeles today for that city’s celebration of dance.  Besides DC and LA, there will be performance, tutorials, and flash mobs in Austin, TX, Vail, CO, Montgomery, AL and Rockford, IL, among other locations.
The DC event at the Kennedy Center is free and today will feature hip-hop, salsa, modern, Bollywood, flamenco, African, tap and ballet from 1 pm to 11:30 pm.
“The whole concept is to have fun, to bring people to dance, to start knocking down the barriers we  build,” Lythgoe said.  “You know, you put any piece of music on and a baby starts dancing, just quite naturally.  And somehow we lose that as we get older.  We start to feel embarrassed about ourselves and embarrassed about our bodies.”
So get up and strut your stuff and boogie all the time for it’s great for your body and your sweet, sweet soul!  Here’s an oldie from one of my favorite groups, Earth Wind & Fire, singing a hot song, “Boogie Wonderland.”  If this doesn’t make you move, I don’t know what will:
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