April 17th, 2015
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There’s something about a farmer’s market that makes me feel healthy right away.

I don’t have to buy or eat anything, even though I usually do.  Just standing in the midst of the farmers and their stands overflowing with fresh organic food reflecting their hard work and the bounty of the season fills me with happiness.

lettuce greens

And yesterday I was one happy lady when I walked from my office in downtown Washington, DC to the FRESHFARM Market that is set up every year about a block from the White House (www.freshfarmmarkets.org).  Last week marked the opening of a new farmer’s market season and to me it’s another sign that spring has finally arrived in the nation’s capital.  It’s a great location that attracts a diverse crowd of office workers and tourists on the hunt for something natural and delicious to eat while sitting in Lafayette Park or to take home.

Eating healthy is something I work on all the time.  Sometimes going for that mixed green salad is not my first choice even though I know it’s a better choice than pizza or something else equally delicious that happens to be high in calories or fat.  I try to focus on the big health picture rather than the spontaneous moment of satisfying a craving.

It’s a constant struggle because I find it’s easy to eat emotionally such as when I happen to use food for stress relief or as a reward.  There is also something known as grief eating and when my husband died many years ago I would use food as a way to numb the pain of my loss or not eat anything at all.  Definitely not good and definitely not the healthy way to go.

I’m the first to admit that one minute I can be eating a few M&M’s and the next minute the bag is empty.  How does this happen?  It’s never my intent to overindulge but when I do I always regret it.  I don’t dwell on it but I wish I had pushed it away.

I really do believe that food affects your health and your spirit and that’s why I love going to farmer’s markets.  Keeping my diet as fresh as possible keeps me on a positive track and that helps me navigate stress and other worries that pop up in my life.

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If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market you might think about checking one out.  I’m sure there is one near your community.  Not only do you get to shop local but you can reach out and get to know the people who are growing this great stuff that can heal your body and soul.

Here’s to your fabulous health!!

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