December 3rd, 2014
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I was a very fat baby.  A happy baby but also an overweight baby.

I have this theory that all of those fat cells from my infancy are still with me, lying dormant, and whenever I decide to indulge in all things buttery and/or sugary, those same fat cells immediately wake up because they instinctively know it’s a chance to plump up again.

It doesn’t take much for me to change my eating habits from good to bad, slapping those extra pounds back on and over Thanksgiving break I could feel it was beginning to happen to me again.

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It’s part of the ole denial and indulgence routine.  I think we all do it with food and it’s almost impossible not to do it over the holidays.  Parties, special dinners, get-togethers, the office kitchen.  All of these places or events are an opportunity for me to fall completely off the healthy wagon of fresh greens and fruits and veggies and go in the wrong direction diet wise.

Before Thanksgiving I had such a great routine going, and I know I will again, but over Thanksgiving my taste buds were reminded again of the irresistible flavors of butter and sugar and I gotta say it was like an instant rush to my brain and my stomach when the first cookie hit my system.

My good friend Eileen bakes the most out-of-this-world variety of cookies you have ever seen and one of my favorites is an almond butter cookie with a thumb indentation in the middle which is then filled with some outrageous flavor of fruit jam.  I never tell myself that I will only have one cookie because I know that is such an out and out lie.  But I do tell myself that I will only have two cookies and after I practically inhale two cookies all I can think of is having two more.  And over Thanksgiving I had a lot of “just two more” cookies.

I can’t go eating on this way all the way up until Christmas and this week I am determined to put the brakes on it.  I need to take care of myself.  So I’m consciously trying this holiday season to change up my menus (less sugar, low fat, no processed junk) by reading, reminding and then inspiring myself to remember how my diet can and definitely does affect my mental and physical health.

It’s pretty basic stuff.  As in: if I eat well I can increase my chances of staying well.

Here’s my mantra: I can control it. Oh yes I can!

I am lucky to have good health and I definitely want to keep it so here in my diet is a place, with my food choices, where I can stretch myself beyond the comfort zone of sugar and butter and tell those baby fat cells of mine to stay asleep.


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