August 1st, 2013
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Isn’t it a great word?
Although it’s a verb, the word vacation doesn’t evoke action to me.  When I hear the word vacation I think about the air being let out of a balloon.  Or exhaling slowly.
I am in vacation right now and I feel blessed to be having one.  I am off-schedule, under the radar and very much unplugged, living in an alternate universe of sleeping in, eating and reading books whenever I want and not knowing what time it is.
Or even what day it is.  I haven’t turned on the television in days.  What a surprise it was to log on to the internet and discover today is the first day of August!
I work hard and enjoy working hard but at a certain point everyone needs to take a break from their daily routine and enjoy themselves.
As one of my friends said as we set up everything on the beach, “I didn’t think I needed a vacation until I got here.  Now I realize how much I needed one!”
Even writing this post is a stretch for me because my brain is resisting complete thoughts.
I hope everyone has the opportunity this summer to rest, relax and refresh!!
You deserve it!
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