July 3rd, 2015
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When I feel my internal stress-o-meter starting to rise, then I know it’s time to find something that will make me laugh.

Big time.

Something that will make me forget that life can sometimes feel like a pressure cooker.

Laughing immediately releases tension for me and it also allows me to put what is causing my stress into perspective.  Which means that I am trying to let myself know that the stress causer is not important and shouldn’t be using my valuable energy.

Translation: it’s no big whoop so I need to move on and find something funny that will put a smile on my face, release the knot in my stomach and this video below definitely does all that for me!!

I just had to share it because it’s wicked funny and reminds me of hanging out with my friends on road trips or just driving around with the windows down and the radio turned up singing and gesturing along with songs we love!!

Check it out and laugh for yourself.  Or get up and dance.  Have a great Friday!!

Peace and love always!!



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2 Responses to “Channeling Iggy Azalea”

  1. Alex Koseluk

    I love your optimism! I need it to counteract my tendencies towards cynicism and pessimism.

    • Mary Kate Cranston

      Thanks Alex! Believe me there are days when I have to work hard at staying positive too. But if you can find something to laugh about I think it can help get you through some tough times.


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