May 17th, 2013
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YAY!!! The farmer’s market near the White House is now open for business on Thursdays and I’m so happy that fresh fruits and veggies are close to my office, ready to be picked and enjoyed.
I’m so proud of myself! I took these pics myself!
As I arrived today, there was almost a party atmosphere at the market today around 1 pm.  When I walked to the market area, which is one block from the White House (, there were almost 200 people shopping and sampling local produce.  People were spilling out of their office buildings, shaking off the cold weather, happy to be outside and become reaquainted with the farmers and other vendors they hadn’t seen for months.
Browsing through the stalls today, I saw the season’s freshest selections of kale, spring onions, baby cucumbers, leeks, beets, sweet potatoes and even some tomatoes.  I was really looking for strawberries but it is not yet their time.  I was told that it might be another week or two for ripe and juicy strawberries because Washington, DC had a bit of an unseasonable cold snap.

I came to the market for the opportunity to support local farmers and buy fresh produce but I also made a wonderful connection.  I was at the FRESHFARM Markets table looking for information about the vendors when a woman named Terry started chatting with me.  She asked if she could help me and I told her about Cry, Laugh, Heal and how I write about working through grief by trying to take care of yourself through exercise and eating healthy and generally staying resilient and positive.

She said she loved the name of the blog and she had experienced a time of laughing that turned into crying and then laughing again.

Terry said she was at a relative’s funeral and this relative happened to be the kind of person who really liked playing jokes on people and making people laugh.  The person who got up to deliver the eulogy at her uncle’s funeral walked to the front of the room to start talking.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, the speaker’s zipper on his pants was unzipped.People in the audience tried to make signals to him that he needed to zip up his pants and in the process of signaling, people began to laugh.  But then in the laughing they remembered they were at a funeral.  And then they started crying a bit but then they also couldn’t stop laughing because the speaker was oblivious to his zipper being open.

EXACTLY!!  That’s what’s so great about the FRESHFARM farmer’s market.  Every week is an opportunity to meet new people and share our stories about crying or laughing or healing.

Today I’m so glad to have met Terry and know that the farmers’ healing fruits and vegetables are just a couple of blocks away for me for the rest of the summer and early fall!  Rock on farmers!!!!!
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