August 30th, 2013
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Staying healthy is job one for me.
Every healthy tip that I can incorporate into my life is just one more thing that may keep me out of the doctor’s office as far as I am concerned.  I try to eat foods that are as fresh as possible, exercise whenever I can and verbalize my stress so that it doesn’t remain bottled up inside me and cause some kind of sickness.Recently I added a new health concern to my wellness list: avoiding plastics and/or preservatives.For years I used to bring frozen food products (read Lean Cuisine) to the office and microwave my lunch until a couple of colleagues took me aside and told me that microwaving plastic and food was a no-no because of a substance called parabens which is contained in the plastic.  Needless to say, I haven’t done any food and plastic microwaving since then.


Now, I have just found out (maybe you already know this) that parabens are also contained in lots of products that I use all the time: lip balm, toothpaste, make-up, moisturizers, hair care products, sunscreen and deodorant.  The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has called parabens the most widely used preservatives in the United States and that’s alarming because initial scientific evidence showed that parabens could not be absorbed by the human body but now scientific tests are showing that it can be.Previous studies on animals and in the laboratory have shown that parabens can mimic the actions of the hormone estrogen.  That has raised a lot of red flags because estrogen is known to fuel some types of breast cancer.I think it would be difficult if not impossible to completely stay away from parabens but being aware of the products that contain parabens  can give you control over how much parabens exposure you receive.  Since knowledge is power, read the labels of what you are buying and look for the following words because each of these is a variation of parabens:

    • benzylparaben
    • butylparaben
    • ethylparaben
    • methylparaben
    • propylparaben
    • p-hydroxybenzoic acid

I am writing about parabens and our health today because whether you are grieving or going through stressful times, it is important that you take care of yourself.  You are in charge and are just as important as the other person you may be taking care of and, as a widowed person, your health is just as important as a person who may be married or in a long-term relationship.

I am with you in needing to constantly remind myself to do the following: making sure to eat a healthy meal at least once a day, getting enough sleep (even napping during the day), avoiding added stress, choosing to be among people who offer comfort and support rather than those who may sap our energy, physically exercising, like taking a walk, and being open and accepting about our special needs.

Good health is priceless!

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2 Responses to “Tossing My Plastics”

  1. Kathryn Eszeki

    Thanks Mary Kate, very timely because a friend was telling me about Parabens the other day and I made a note to myself to look into it more (I’ve already cut down on plastic containers ( and saran wrap).
    On the subject of health and previous discussions we’ve had, had a mole removed from between my toes yesterday (thanks for the heads up on that!).

  2. Cry, Laugh, Heal

    Thanks Kathy! Hope nothing is found to be going on with the mole. Yes, I went to the doctor myself last week and had two removed. We are the generation that didn’t know about the ill effects of getting burned every summer. On the plastics, just like you, I am now taking note of the labels on every plastic container!


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