July 17th, 2013
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The guy who invented Zumba, Beto Perez, wears a black sleeveless T-shirt and says to me, “Feel the Music.”
And I do!
I am watching Beto, along with 5 other Zumba dance instructors on a DVD and I am taking the 20 minute Zumba express lesson in my house.
What’s so great about Zumba?
Well, for me Zumba feels more like fun rather than exercise and the workout burns mucho calories which I am always trying to do.  Having discovered Zumba this summer, I am finding it to be everything I heard.  First of all, the music is great!  It’s not like an exercise class at all.  I am writing about Zumba because I genuinely like it, not because the company sent me materials and asked me to endorse anything.
Even though I am watching a DVD rather than being in a live class, it still feels similar to being in a party atmosphere.  I have watched a lot of exercise DVDs and enjoy all of them for different reasons but Zumba is different.  Don’t get me wrong, you definitely do break a sweat will following the instructors!
But the Zumba program, which involves dance and aerobic elements, doesn’t feel robotic in terms of constantly counting where you are in the exercises and how many you have left to do to get to the end.  Also, if you fall out of step in one of the routines, it’s more forgiving.  You can easily find your place again if you just keep moving.
We all need to move around a lot more than we do.  Our bodies were designed for movement.  We are built to be active.
Over the winter I could tell that I was spending more time sitting and I knew this wasn’t a good thing.  I could tell because I was started to gain a little weight and I felt sluggish.  Plus there are more and more studies coming out about how sitting all day may shorten your life.  As a person who works in an office and spends a good amount of the day in front of the computer, I find those studies to be scary.
So I was prepared to get off my butt but I needed to find something new to jumpstart me and keep me off my butt.  I had heard about Zumba for a while and had casually watched some infomercials and I thought it always looked more like dance than exercise.
Try it for yourself and see what you think.  Even if you don’t follow the routines you can dance or move along with the music which is better than sitting in front of the television or the computer.  Any movement is better than no movement.
Here’s a short introduction Zumba clip to watch so you can see what it’s all about:


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