July 5th, 2013
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When I spend too much time in front of the computer or television I don’t feel right.
I don’t feel as if my body and mind are working together as they were designed to do, and when this happens I know it’s a signal for me to get up off my inactive butt and do something physical.
As in get the heart pumping and break a sweat.
It doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and move.  Exercise anywhere and everywhere.
Exercise is a gift you give yourself because it can reduce anxiety, clear toxins from your system and just clear your mind and give you a fresh outlook on your day.  Even when I don’t want to exercise, I convince myself to do some kind of activity because I always feel like a new person when I do.  Always!  It’s amazing!
Our bodies are designed for movement.  Dance. Walk. Garden. Stretch. Play a sport.  Run.  It all works!
Here is a recent inspiring story from The Washington Post about the mental and physical benefits of exercise classes that a group of people diagnosed with Parkinson’s take on a regular basis.  As the author, Lenny Bernstein, writes, “Here, exercise is therapy, perhaps no match for Parkinson’s disease over the two decades that it generally inflicts misery on its 1 million victims, but certainly a dose of nonprescriptive relief in the short term.”
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